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Data Acquisition

dSPACE DS1103 The DS1103 is an all-rounder in rapid control prototyping. Used with Real-Time Interface (RTI), the controller board is fully programmable from the Simulink® block diagram environment.
dSPACE DS1104 The DS1104 R&D Controller Board is a powerful development system for rapid control prototyping.  Real-Time Interface (RTI) provides Simulink® blocks for graphical I/O configuration.
Powerlab 16 The PowerLab 16/30 is a high-performance data acquisition system suitable for a wide range of research applications that require up to 16 input channels.
LabJack UE9

  • 14 Analog Inputs (12-16 Bits Depending on Speed)
  • ±5 or 0-5 Volt Maximum Analog Input Range
  • 2 Analog Outputs (12-Bit, 0-5 Volts)
  • 23 Digital I/O



T402-PP Two channel perivascular flow meter The T402-PP two channel perivascular flow meter in conjunction with appropriate flow probes is used to measure blood flow from more than one vessel. Flow probes are available for any vessel type (acute or chronic studies) in sizes to suit mice through to horses.
2 x MC20PAU COnfidence probe, 200cm cable, 18 & 20mm liners2 x MC20PAU COnfidence probe, 200cm cable, 16mm liners

This COnfidence probe, 200cm cable, 16, 18 & 20mm liners are suitable for chronic measurement of cardiac output and have a CRA10 Redell connector. They are supplied with 2 acute and 2 closed disposable Ultrafit liners in 2 diameters. These probes can be used on the aorta or pulmonary artery of larger sheep and similarly sized animals.

MC3PSS Precision S Flow probe (3) with custom features The MC3PSS flow probe allows for continuous flow measurement through the coronary artery of a sheep or other similarly sized animal.  This will provide a detailed method of evaluating myocardial perfusion and potential for ventricular recovery in cases of cardiovascular device support.
MPVS-Ultra Foundation system The MPVS system allows real-time measurement of ventricular pressure and volume in small (rat or mouse) to large (sheep or pig) animals.
SPR-560-5 MultiSegDual PVCatheter(6F,12EDualField,7mm,Pigtail,125 cm) The SPR-560-5, 6 French, Multi Segment Dual Pressure-Volume Catheter (6F, 12E Dual Field 7 mm spacing, Pigtail, 125 cm) is recommended for use in large animals (i.e. dog, pig or sheep) in conjunction with the ML880B46 MPVS-Ultra Foundation System.
TS 410 Tubing Flowmeter (x2) Transonic Systems’ TS410 flowmeter module with PXL-series sterile tubing flow sensors is the system of choice for unparrallelled volume flow measurements in tubing applications.
10PXL-Sterile Tubing Flow Sensors (x2) Unique ultrasonic transit time technology measures volume flow with sensors specifically designed for greatest accuracy on tubing
Programmable AC Power Meter (x4) The Hameg HM 8115-2 is an easy to operate power meter for laboratory and monitoring purposes of good accuracy.



MERF Access to preclinical evaluation of cardiovascular devices is provided at the Medical Engineering Research Facility located on The Prince Charles Hospital Campus.
Objet Alaris 30 The ICET lab has access to its own rapid prototype to allow for rapid production and evaluation of cardiovascular devices.