Many innovative cardiovascular research projects are being undertaken in the ICETLAB to improve patient life span and quality of life.

Global Collaboration

Researchers at the ICETLAB come from backgrounds in biomedical, mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design, basic science and more.

The Lab

The ICETLAB is a world-class research facility which houses state-of-the-art research equipment to assist in developing cardiovascular devices.

The ICETLAB conducts a number of research projects that complement the development of cardiovascular devices. We aim to facilitate the integration of current and emerging cardiovascular technologies into clinical practice.
By undertaking research into key areas for cardiovascular device development with an expert national and international research network, we can expedite the transition of ideas from research to clinic.

Researchers at the ICETLAB are undertaking a number of cutting edge research projects aimed at improving the application of cardiovascular devices in  the clinical environment.

A state-of-the-art mock circulation loop is a central feature of the ICETLAB. This test facility enables the investigation of device performance in a situtaion representative of the human cardiovascular system, on the bench top.

Following from in-vitro investigations, the ICETLAB has access to a world class pre-clinical research facility at The Prince Charles Hospital campus. This facility enables progression to in-vivo testing of cardiovascular devices.

See a complete list of our projects here.

Research at the ICETLAB relies on expert contributions from various disciplines from all over the world. We are a young team of engineers, industrial designers, scientists and clinicians working towards a better future for patients with cardiovascular disease. If you would like to get involved, please use the contact form here.

Our Mission

Mortality from cardiovascular disease is expected to rise exponentially over the next 20 years. Cardiovascular devices such as artificial hearts, lungs and valves are set to play an important role in managing these patients. Current and emerging devices follow a perilous development path prior to clinical implementation, whereby their subsequent uptake is often slow.

The purpose of the Innovative Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology Laboratory (ICETLAB) is to facilitate the transition of innovative cardiovascular technologies from idea to clinical implementation, whilst also investigating the clinical challenges facing existing technology.

That’s why our mission is to combat cardiovascular disease, and we do this by facilitating the integration of emerging cardiovascular devices and technology into clinical practice. Creating strong national and international collaborations is the key to developing innovative cardiac devices.




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Medical director


Technical advisor

                                                                      To see more of our team members, and to find out more about each member, please click here.

The ICETLAB is currently searching for PhD and Honor students. For available projects please visit “Projects” or download the project list.

The ICETLAB is a part of the Critical Care Research Group based at The Prince Charles Hospital in Chermside, Australia. To visit the Critical Care Research Group website, please click on the CCRG logo. Researchers in the ICETLAB and CCRG, in collaboration with many institutes from Australia, Asia and the USA, were recently awarded a NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Advanced Cardio-respiratory Therapies Improving Organ Support (ACTIONS). This research grant is 1 of only 6 awarded in Australia (2014) and forms a global nexus of experts with the aim of addressing current limitations with mechanical circulatory and respiratory support.

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